The Basics of IT Asset Management Software 101

If this is your first time to hear about IT asset management software, you are probably wondering what it’s all about and what it can do for your business. Well, in a few short words, it is one software that you use to manage all the software programs you have. But this isn’t just any software, it’s powerful enough to meet the demands of the large companies all over the world.

If you search for “IT asset management software” on Google, you will see that there are many brands out there that you can choose from, including Solar Winds, Management Engine, Oracle, CA Technologies and IBM Tivoli, among others. If you make a thorough search, it is possible to find hundreds of software brands that you can use for your business. The only question is, how do you choose which one to use for your business? Well, it really depends on the features you need.

As we said earlier, an IT asset management software helps you to manage all the software that you are using for your business to make it more systematic. However, the truly great software doesn’t just help you manage, it also helps you to maximize the power of your software programs. To that end, there are many handy features that a typical software would have, including asset tracking, audit management, compliance management, configuration management, contract management, cost tracking, depreciation management, IT service management, license management, maintenance management, procurement management, and requisition management.

If it seems like a lot of features, it is. However, we would daresay that you won’t be needing all these features.

Aside from the features, there is another thing you need to consider when buying IT asset management software and it is this: web-based or installation. What we mean is that you need to choose between a web-based software and an installed software, although we really don’t think it is equally important to the features of a software.

Still, if it’s important for you that the software you use is web-based, you need to make sure that the brand you use has all the powerful features that you need.

As we said before, there are many software brands out there. Hopefully by now, though, we hope that we have given you an idea on how you should go about choosing the brand to choose. It’s not rocket software but you might need the help of your IT guy just to check the software that you are currently using or will be using. It might help if you try out different programs first before deciding on which one to use for the long-term.

Don’t worry, though, because there are many software companies out there that let you try their software for free for a certain number of days, or give you a limited but still usable version for free. If you become undecided between two products, just go choose based on the price and after-service of each.

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Course Information

Students who have a strong interest in providing IT solutions to clients and/or envision themselves building an online business in the future would be better served by getting a Diploma in Information Technology at Mantissa College.

Completing this course will equip you with strong theoretical and practical IT knowledge for developing innovative IT applications in any industry. Students will be taught the newest ideas in IT support which will result in reliable services.motherboard-697768_960_720

Every student will have gathered both knowledge and skill with hands-on work throughout the course and internship of attaining a diploma in IT. The equipment and software used during classes are state-of-the-art and the methods are up-to-date. Diploma-holders who want to further their careers can do so since this course qualifies you to pursue higher education whether for academic or professional gain.

During the course’s first year, students will be taught programming and computer basics along with supplementary math, writing, research, and communication subjects. It will serve as the foundation for more advanced subjects like web development, media development, information systems, and network communication.

On the final year of the course, students can apply for an internship to any IT company in the country or overseas. An IT-related project from a Malaysia college is also a requirement where students can either work together with IT firms or they can use their own ideas to build a new online business or tech hub.


The course opens a lot of possibilities for work whether it’s industrial or commercial, or public or private sector. There are a number of specialized jobs that graduates can apply for in the IT industry. Students will be ready to take on jobs like:

  • IT Technician – Monitor and maintain information systems for organizations.
  • IT Support Service – Provide much needed IT support for remote users or companies that require it.
  • Web Developer – Build marketable websites that are both interactive and sustainable. The programming skills taught in school will be put to use in this job.
  • Network Technician – Learn network structures and how to navigate through them to pinpoint bad sectors. Repair networks to allow the smooth flow in and around the company system.
  • Game Programmer – Students can apply their programming knowledge to create computer games. Pair them with their know-how in AI and physics to distribute sought after games.
  • Mobile App Programmer – Work in the mobile application market where you develop your own mobile applications. The optimization and security of mobile app data are also important tasks to be accomplished through updates and patches.
  • IT Solutions Service Provider – Handle the implementation of IT solutions for businesses whether it’s a computer algorithm problem or a database problem. Effective and cost-friendly solutions are the popular choice for many companies.
  • Online Marketing – Build your own marketplace, think of your own online marketing strategies, and manage the cycle of online sales.


Graduates will be working in the IT industry whether as a network technician, web developer, system analyst, programmer, or IT administrator. You can specialize in any one IT aspect where you can further your career in your chosen field or build your own business.

Job security will highly depend on your ability to adopt and gain new knowledge. The diploma will have prepared you to learn more programming languages because many of these languages work similarly allowing IT specialists to be versatile as well. Don’t worry, you will be fully-equipped to handle any challenge in the industry.

The Most Popular Loyalty Programs in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are plenty of ways to show your loyalty to your favorite airlines, credit cards, cell phone providers and specialty shops. It literally pays to be loyal, so join as many customer loyalty programs as possible to get rewarded for all the services you use.

Get the best benefits and rewards with Malaysia Airlines. Their frequent flyer program is going to give you more enjoyable experiences as you travel to your favorite destinations. You simply sign up for this Oneworld Alliance member’s program and you are entitled to all of the privileges available across the worldwide network of partners.

When you join Malaysia Airline’s Enrich program, you collect miles every time you travel. You can also rack up miles by shopping using a credit card, renting a car and so much more. You can redeem the vouchers you get to enjoy great hotel stays in Malaysian destinations travelers flock to every year.

Enrich Miles get you four times the miles when you book and stay at Hilton in Singapore and Phuket. There are so many destinations and offers that are waiting for you. Sign up for Enrich as soon as you can so you do not miss out any more.

Be sure to fly on other partner airlines when you travel the world so that you top up and increase your Enrich rewards. Your spouse will automatically enjoy the same rewards as you when you sign up, so do it today.

Join Exabytes to get more every time you make purchases with them. Their customer program honors your loyalty by giving you added value for using their hosting services online. The longer you stick with this provider, the more you get gifts and rewards as well as added benefits.

You get a discounted quantity rate when you join as well as other rewards. Be sure to sign up for the Angel commission program. You make money every time you get someone else to sign up and all it takes is pasting some simple code on your website.

Exabytes wants every customer to enjoy the best service and will make you feel the difference using their hosting over any other Malaysian company. Exabytes rewards are just what you have been waiting for all this time! You will want to remain loyal to them so that you can reap as many rewards as possible.

Another loyalty program you cannot miss is for Malaysia’s top shopping mall owners. Sunway has the best shopping reward program called Sunway Pals. Members get one point for every dollar that they spend at participating stores. Additional points are available for special offers from merchants.

For the women who love beauty, every cosmetic and beauty product available can be had with rewards, too. Join Sephora’s White Card or Black Card rewards program to see what is in store for you every time you shop.

Main CRM Software Features Important To Every Business

In the event that you are an entrepreneur, you likely know as of now how vital a decent CRM software is for keeping up a fantastic association with every one of your clients while separating the measure of exertion and consideration as per their potential. This is the reason, when you buy or request a CRM framework you have to CRM illustrationverify it incorporates the most essential elements that can add to the development of your business. This article is going to detail a couple of these components for you, so you can pick the best software for your business.

1. Simple To Use And To Integrate With Existing Software

The CRM software is going to help your business build up the associations with the clients just if your workers are going to utilize it. On the off chance that the client interface in hard to comprehend and utilization, individuals are going to have issues in keeping up the precision and the pertinence of the information, along these lines rendering your interest in innovation verging on pointless.

Verify the software you buy is easy to understand and that it can be incorporated with the customary regular software you are now utilizing as a part of the organization.

2. Accessible For Remote Access

On the off chance that your business agents need to go to the workplace and sit at a work area to enter information they’ve gathered from their field visits, you aren’t going to make the most out of your software. Your agents ought to have the capacity to enter information in the software amid their visit at the customers. This is the way they can be extremely successful in their work. Moreover, they are going to overlook less subtle elements on the off chance that they can enter them immediately in the database.

3. Versatile Friendly

It comes just about without saying that your group ought to have the capacity to get to the CRM software from cell phones and tablets unless you truly demand they bear their substantial portable workstations.

As cell phones are astounding presentation apparatuses, it bodes well to utilize them for various purposes, reporting being one of them.

4. Coordinated Analytics And Data Management

Gathered information is useless on the off chance that you don’t have the instruments to examine it. You have to have your clients and prospects partitioned into clear fragments, so you can evaluate their potential effortlessly. You have to know where to direct your promoting and deals endeavors keeping in mind the end goal to get the best results. On the off chance that a prospect has a low potential and you put a ton of endeavors into making him a client, you are essentially diverting cash from the window.

This is the reason you must have the capacity to utilize your gathered information, so you have to verify your CRM software has such components.

5. Adaptability

You should have the capacity to redo your CRM arrangement so as to serve the needs of your organization and to fit the particular of your business.

This is the manner by which you can make the most out of this device, so be cautious when you pick it. In the event that you pick the wrong arrangement, you are going to lose a ton of chances.

How to Use Online Collaboration Tools To Manage Your Event Effectively

online collaboration toolsManaging an event can actually be done effectively these days with the proper use of online collaboration tools. Even more complicated events, such as a concert featuring a number of different acts, can be handled easily.

Here’s a good post about online collaboration tools from Wikihow

Here are some ways from AJAXWorkspace in which you can use these tools to manage your concert event:

• Members of the organizing team can post suggestions as to which acts to invite. You may even have them post mp3 files and video files to introduce them to other members who are unfamiliar with them. You can have your team pick, choose, and vote on the acts to invite.
• Once you’re decided on the acts, you can then send them an offer to appear at your concert event. Your message can include details about your organization, the purpose of the event, and how much you’re offering in remuneration. The responses of the invited music groups can then be posted on the workspace whiteboard, so you know which ones will be attending. Alternate music acts from the previous list may then be invited along.
• You can then schedule the music acts and set them to perform within various time frames. You’ll then know who performs at what time.

online workspace
• You can also start marketing and advertising the event. You may set your team workers spreading the news on Facebook while others distribute pamphlets in different clubs. The online tools can help you keep track as to where the pamphlets have already been distributed.
• You can also track ticket sales as well. You’ll be able to monitor the progress of the ticket sales and see where they sell most effectively. If some places in your area see low sales, you may want to increase your advertising presence there. You can check which advertising methods have been used, and you may suggest alternative advertising methods.
• You can also oversee budgetary concerns. You may track how much are spent as the planning continues, and you may see how your money is spent. As the setup for the event continues, you may change how you allocate your budget whenever contingencies arise.

online bulletin board• During the actual event, you can still see how things are going. You can have people at different areas of the concert venue and report on what’s going on. Your team members can post whatever concerns they have on your online bulletin board or forum. Other team members may then give suggestions and orders on how to respond to those concerns.
• Finally, you can use these tools to track how successful your event was. You can even check on how you did and see where you could have improved on your planning. You may then be able to do better next time.


For more info:

Wikihow How to Collaborate

Benefits Of Telemarketing Services For Small Businesses


Telemarketing is made up of two different kinds of service. One of the kinds is inbound marketing and the other is outbound. Both of these services have there differences. However, they both work effectively to achieve the same goal. That goal is to generate sales and provide services to customers. Telemarketing happens to be one of the fastest growing industries today. A lot of companies are using this in an effort to increase sales. Inbound marketing effectively refers to a company accepting calls from customers. These calls are answered to solve problems with an order, make an order, or for technical support. Whereas, outbound telemarketing refers to the process of calling potential customers to generate a sale or provide information about a product or service. Below we will discuss some of the many benefits of telemarketing for small businesses.

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Inbound Marketing Benefits:

1. Increased Sales. increased sales

Inbound marketing is bound to lead to more sales. This is because you are going to be able to effectively have people answer the phone in order to either convince a prospective customer make a sale or help a customer place an order. This is going to help increase your profits regardless.


2. Increased Lead Generation Efforts.

Another benefit of inbound marketing is that you are going to effectively increase the amount of leads that you can convert. This is because you are going to be able to field more phone calls and turn more prospective customers into real leads.

3. Higher Number Of Closed Sales.

Any prospective customer that calls in to ask questions about the particular product or service that you are selling, you are going to be able to effectively have these questions answered by a trained staff. This is ultimately going to increase the number of sales that you can effectively close.

4. 24 Service.

A lot of telemarketing companies offer the ability to have 24 hour operation/service. If you want to stand out from the competition, you can offer 24 hour service with a qualified telemarketing company. This will not only help you stand out but help you provide better service and make more sales throughout the year.

Here’s how to be successful in generating leads from wikihow

Outbound Marketing Benefits:

increased sales
1. Increased Sales.

One of the biggest benefits of outbound marketing is that it can dramatically increase the number of sales that you make per day. This is because you will have a number of qualified telemarketers calling on prospective clients and closing them. The job of the telemarketers is to generate a sale. This will help them do just that.

2. Generate Leads.

Another huge benefit of incorporating outbound telemarketing into your sales funnel is the fact that it is going to effectively help you and your company generate more leads. This is because you can have a bunch of telemarketers effectively call up prospective customers and offer them your deals, products, and/or services. This means that more prospective customers are going to hear about your offers and enter your sales funnel. This will allow you to effectively market to them in the future with different products and services.

3. Cross Market.

Another benefit of outbound telemarketing is that you will be able to effectively cross market your products and/or services to existing customers. They will be able to call up different customers that have already expressed interest in your products and/or services and cross sell/cross market them.

As you can see, there are a ton of different benefits of star solutions telemarketing for small businesses. The main benefit is that you are going to be able to do all of this for very little out of pocket cost. The return on investment of telemarketing is huge.


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